90% of the websites either do not track their visitors properly or only use the basic tracking features.

If you don’t track your visitors, you lose some important data that you could have used for improvement in your conversions: Your sales, number of downloads, number of signups, web-based leads, etc.

The number of leads you generate from your website directly affects your revenue. So, you don’t want to miss out on any data.

And, getting data on your visitors is neither difficult nor expensive.

I provide advanced Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Session Replay setup services at affordable rates using which you can get complete information about your visitors and their activities. This will help you multiply your conversion rate.

Who Am I?

Lenin Nair

I am Lenin Nair. I come with years of experience in digital marketing, web analytics, social media marketing, and content marketing.

I used to be a content writer with several North American clients and publications. I am the marketing manager for an IT company called Prodapt, based in New York.

I started ZoomOwl in 2018 with a vision to change the face of marketing for small and medium businesses.

Check out some of my publishing credits outside ZoomOwl

I am a certified professional in both Google Analytics and Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords).

Services I Offer

Here are the details of the services I provide.

1. Google Analytics Setup & Configuration

Google Analytics standard edition is completely free, while the Google Analytics 360 is a high-traffic version that costs $150,000 per year. The Google Analytics setup service I provide includes the following.

  • Advanced setup of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics/GTAG)
  • Setup done using Google Tag Manager
  • Verification and linking of Google Search Console
  • Goal creation & conversion tracking
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Enhanced ecommerce tracking

Fee: $49.99 for a basic website. Depending on the complexity, I may quote higher.

2. Session Replay Analytics

Session replay refers to the recording of your users’ actions on your website in the form of a video. I will set it up for your website using a digital analytics solution called Mouseflow. This is a subscription-based service that costs $29 per month for tracking up to 10,000 pageviews.

Fee: $39.99 for a basic website. Depending on the complexity, I may quote higher.

3. Google Analytics Maintenance

You need to ensure that your visitors are tracked properly going forward. Also, you need simple, understandable insights from your Google Analytics implementation. If you want it without the hassle of segmenting and analyzing the data yourself, I can do it for you.

I will maintain your Google Analytics account and send you detailed monthly reports and stats on your visitors. I will identify key developments, data anomalies, and opportunities and report directly as a PDF to your inbox.

Fee: $29.99/mo for a basic website (up to 50 pages not including blog posts). Depending on the complexity, I may quote higher.

Why Hire Me?

If you are a small business

You may have set up your own website. You may not use an agency to do your backend management.

Hiring an agency can have its own advantages, such as full service (SEO, email marketing, SEM, campaign management, website CMS management, etc., in one package).

But agencies tend to be quite expensive. And you won’t get that personal treatment that you can get from me.

I specialize in specific areas of digital marketing: Web analytics, CMS setup, email marketing, and PPC management are some.

So, I will be able to give you my personal time and set up various services for you or verify whether everything is set up perfectly.

If you are a professional

You may have to depend on freelancers to set up your website backend and other aspects of it. An agency could be too expensive for you. Even a full-time professional could cost more.

Aside from creating your blog, which is pretty simple, you need to configure several web analytics configurations at the backend. This requires time and precision.

I have built specialized expertise in these areas. I can do it all for you for a minimal fee. It can never get cheaper than that.

If you are a medium or large business

You may already have in-house teams managing your website. You might have API-based implementations of analytics tools. You may even have your own specialized analytics setup.

Large businesses still could use an independent expert to verify if everything is set up accurately and working to the fullest extent.

That’s where ZoomOwl comes in. My services are inexpensive and transparent.

How to Avail My Services

In order to subscribe to my services, kindly email me at

lenin.nair.pro [at] gmail [dot] com.

Payments to my services should be done via PayPal.