Image 1h.0. B2B Lead Generation

How to Generate B2B Leads From Your Website Using Google Analytics

Have you wondered about generating B2B leads from your website? You can use Google Analytics and a great B2B lead filter for the purpose. B2B marketing is far more complicated and recondite than B2C, due to the diversity in...

Image 1g.0. B2B Google Analytics

How to Use Google Analytics More Effectively in B2B Marketing

B2B organizations, like B2C, need to do in-depth analysis of their web traffic. How can Google Analytics be used for B2B marketing effectively? Find out here. Most of your Google Analytics reports are relevant for B2C companies. Even in...

Image 1f.0. Segmentation GA

Using Google Analytics Segmentation for Effective Web Traffic Analysis

3. Identifying technical issues with your website After you develop your website, you must test it thoroughly. Typical website testing involves the following. Functionality Usability Interface Compatibility Performance Security How do you ensure that your website is doing well...

Image 1e.featured. Email Marketing

12 Important Recommendations for Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing provides the highest median ROI (124%) among all digital marketing activities. ZoomOwl brings these guidelines to do it correctly and profitably. Let’s talk email, shall we? Out of the 4.15 billion people in the world who use the...

Mouse Scrolling

How to Keep Track of Scroll Activity on Your Website Using Google Analytics and Tag Manager

How can you find whether your website’s visitors are interested in your content? The best way is to track their scrolling activity. Here is how it’s done. Do you ever read anything without interest? Probably not. People browsing your...

1c. Session Replay

How to Record Your Website Visitors & Their Actions With a Session Replay Tool

Have you ever wondered about session replay, the recording of your visitors’ actions on your website? Here is how you do it using a website session recording tool. Your web analytics solution is intended to capture exactly what a...

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