About ZoomOwl

You may be wondering what is ZoomOwl and who is behind it. Well, ZoomOwl is a uniquely data analytics-focused blog established on 31 Dec 2017. I am writing about digital analytics, marketing, and social media technologies for small and medium businesses as well as professionals.

So, What’s ZoomOwl Really?

Does “ZoomOwl” sound strange to you? What does the name mean?

As mentioned previously, we are focused on digital data analytics. “Zoom” signifies this. The brand focuses on zooming into things that are not normally visible. This means we analyze things in depth and find the “why” behind everything.

"Why" is a key question because it gives the most important answer: the reason. For instance, why did most of your website visitors click on your banners and never scrolled below the banner section? Why no one clicked your newsletter subscribe button? Once you learn the answers, you'll know what you need to do.

We zoom into the "why" behind things.

Now, the "owl." The bird owl has a lot of symbolism attached to it, related to wisdom, learning, and intuition. The owl is nocturnal, and so it has the cool power to see everything in the dark. Data gives us the same power—the power to see beyond chaos and darkness and see the reason with clarity.

The Logo Story


The logo and the colors of the ZO brand can be found across the blog. The logo of ZoomOwl is unique and well structured. It is clear and visible in all sizes. It’s impactful as well as meaningful. The word is in black (#000000), symbolizing the owl, a creature of the dark.

The icon shows what is clearly an area chart, not a mountain range.

Also, the icon has the primary colors of the ZO brand—blue (#0066cc) and orange (#ff6600). These two colors are among the web-safe colors, which means they will be displayed properly on any platform.

Also, if you look closely, you can discern that almost all letters of “ZoomOwl” are there in the icon. The area chart looks like a ‘Z’ and an ‘M’. The circle can be the ‘O’. The area chart can also look like a ‘W’ and in certain angle, an ‘L’.

Another strange coincidence is the icon in white almost looks like a pie chart, another type of data representation.

Who Is Behind ZO?

Hi, my name is Lenin VJ Nair.

I started off as a creative writer long ago. Then my attention turned to marketing, especially the technical side of marketing, and data analytics. I worked for a few companies as content developer and digital marketing manager before starting this blog.

I have set up campaigns in Google AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn in my time. I have run websites and optimized them for SEO. I have run affiliate marketing campaigns. With all those learning, I started ZoomOwl.

Let's Be Friends

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