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Why Shopify?

Shopify is the most popular, affordable, and feature-rich online store platform with over 500,000 clients.

Shopify is so powerful that lets you create your online store without having to rely on web developers or designers. With the themes already available on the platform, you can easily set up a store and add as many products as you want.

You can also add the domain name you want to the store to make it unique to you.

Unlimited products

Within Shopify, add as many products and product groups as you want. There is no limit.

Physical store support

Shopify offers a point of sale (POS) solution for your physical store or through the iPhone or an Android phone.

Fraud detection

With Shopify Payments, fraud analysis and detection are in-built.

Unlimited bandwidth & storage

You can store as much data as you want and transact as many times as you want.

Create & manage discount codes

Shopify lets you seamlessly create and manage discount codes across your store.

Staff accounts

Create additional staff accounts to have your staff manage the store from wherever they are.

Cart abandonment recovery

Your users abandoning carts? Shopify sends automated emails to bring them back to their carts.

Detailed analytics & dashboards

Shopify provides detailed statistics about your online store and provides you with a detailed dashboard.

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