Author: Lenin VJ Nair

How to Make Sense of the (Not Provided) Search Keywords in Google Analytics

Frustrated by the (not provided) search queries in your Google Analytics organic traffic reports? There are ways by which you can still make sense of that data. This post explains how, using Google Analytics and Search Console. Do you know Google Analytics used to provide the exact organic search keyword in the good old times? […]

Analyzing Your Web Traffic Better With Google Analytics Calculated Metrics

Wondering how to get more intelligence from your web traffic reports? Get to know Google Analytics calculated metrics. In this post, you will find how to create them and how to use a number of important calculated metrics for better traffic analysis & intelligence. Google Analytics has a pretty nifty feature known as calculated metrics, […]

Google Analytics Filters: Why and How to Use Them

Analyzing web traffic is a lot easier if you apply intuitive filters on them. Google Analytics filters are used to gather much greater intelligence from your data. In this tutorial, learn how to use them and why apply certain important filters on your data. Let’s talk about Google Analytics filters. Some of you may already […]

youtube video trigger

How to Track Embedded YouTube Videos Using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Have you ever wondered how you can track whether a visitor clicks on an embedded YouTube video on your website? It’s one of the coolest features of Google Analytics event tracking. In this tutorial, learn how to implement YouTube video event tracking using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Tracking events on your web pages […]

Tracking Mouse Middle-Clicks Using Google Analytics & GTM

While tracking clicks on your links, you don’t want to miss somebody clicking and opening a new tab with the mouse middle button. By default, middle-clicks cannot be tracked by Google Analytics event tracking. This tutorial explains how you can do that. Have you checked out our previous tutorial on tracking link clicks and button […]

GA Click Tracking

How to Track Link Clicks on Your Website Using Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that can track all kinds of events. However, tracking certain specific actions such as clicks on specific links needs you to enable custom event tracking. In this tutorial, learn how to track clicks on links and buttons using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Google Analytics is […]