Lenin Nair has years of experience in marketing for software and technology domains. He is a certified specialist in marketing and enjoys exploring new ways to market products and services for small and medium businesses. He enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and ideating. He holds an MBA in marketing and a bachelor's degree in IT.

Mouse Scrolling

How to Keep Track of Scroll Activity on Your Website Using Google Analytics and Tag Manager

How can you find whether your website’s visitors are interested in your content? The best way is to track their scrolling activity. Here is how it’s done. Do you ever read anything without interest? Probably not. People browsing your web page scroll through your content only when they are hooked into it. If they want…

Google Analytics Data

How to Organize and Structure Your Google Analytics Account

Organizing your Google Analytics (GA) account can be a little challenging with ample technical terminology (Property, View, Organization, etc.,) to confuse you. ZoomOwl brings a guide to help Analytics admins establish the right organizational structure for their Google Analytics accounts. A concern that most small business owners and webmasters have is about the proper organization…